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To us, Vegan is not a trend. It stands for a lifestyle where compassionate mind,
healthy body hold the key to wellbeing.

Viet Family.

Viet Family established in 2022 at 1431 Commercial Drive for over a year and rapidly moved to new location at 1414 Commercial Drive in 2024. Viet Family created by “Ho” Family, which original come from Viet Nam. Eat Clean, freeing your mind and feeding your soul are the 3 main key components to inspire us to open Vegan restaurant. We offer the very best Asian food, but mainly Vietnamese. Our place is not only a place for you to experience the unique, good looking, tasty and vegan food to beverage, but also a place where you can ease your mind and vibe with your own self to nurture the soul. Whoever you are and whatever your vegan belief is, Viet Family wholeheartedly welcome you to embrace the vegan lifestyle together.